Indian Premier League progressive offer

Progressive offer hosted on the offers channel to drive payments and transactions anchored with the gully cricket theme to launch during Indian Premier League 2021


UI/UX Design

User experience design, Visual design & Project management


Taking the collectable framework in mind, the product manager on the team wanted to launch a progressive offer on the offers channel. A progressive offer is when a user makes a transaction and gets rewarded with a collectable that enables them to collect interim rewards as they progress. The user receives a bigger prize for completing the steps, usually a scratchcard that guarantees a cashback.


Google Pay has been at the forefront in the digital payment space using UPI technology in India. The app enables users to make payments seamlessly. The app’s key features are making peer to peer payments, peer to merchant payments, buy gold, and on those transactions, the user gets rewarded scratchcards and various offers.


We wanted to launch an offer that used the progressive offer framework to promote payments and increase transactions. Since this was due to launch during the IPL season in India, we wanted to theme it with cricket while keeping it small. The brainstorm session led us to the concept of Gully cricket, a simple and casual form of the game played in neighbourhood lanes of India.


Visual direction- Space constraints on the offers channel needed the collectables to be small yet recognisable. 


The offers channel housed this offer where we needed it to look different and distinctive amongst other running offers. The collectable theme was gully cricket which led us to decide on tennis balls that the user would collect instead of season balls.