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So many apps, so little time! Below are my favourite apps that I use on daily basis for my social media uploads. Try them and give us a shout out!

5. Photable

Did you just tell your date you have 6 pack abs and have a family pack underneath your shirt? This app is for you! Add abbs, beards, stickers and do fun things on your pictures.

4. PicLab

Who wouldn't want to be on a magazine cover! This app has the magazine feature that is exclusive and helps you convert any of your pictures into a magazine cover.

It also allows you to make collages and edit your pictures. Pretty much does everything you want to make a beautiful post that will impress everyone with your designing skills!

3. PS Express

Photoshop has been the best friend every photographer has had! PS express is an all in one photo editing app that allows the user to edit, correct and enhance their photos.

It also offers filters to enhance pictures but I would choose VSCO for the filters. PS express is for the nerdy and who love the Adobe family.


If you love Instagram filters and still want many more, VSCO is what you should get!

This app is meant for those who love clicking pictures and editing them to perfection. It is mainly a photo editing app that enables the user to add filters and make your pictures stand out for the digital world.

1. Adobe Post

This app is my top favourite app for making layouts on the go. I have used this app so many times for those quick updates on Instagram or family greetings during festive times.

This is a great app for designers and non-designers. It allows you to make different layouts, with typography and now has added the grid feature for those who love having multiple pictures in one picture.

Make a Christmas greeting with any of these apps and tag us on @thedesignsheep on instagram and facebook.

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